Christmas Celebration 2021

We work hard. But we party harder! Yes, we are one big family and we believe in creating memories for life and celebrating them to the fullest.

Our Activity

December end is full of celebration and event. It’s all about the ingredients for the perfect office celebration with the Group dress code. Vision Infotech has prepared a boost of joy & pleasure for all the employees.

Everything is set up and ready for the party. We are celebrating Christmas day at the work today. Each Employees were asked to wear either Red or White colour dress. The Event started by wearing Santa Clause caps which was followed by group photo session and yummy Snacks.This great event kicked off our pre-Christmas celebrations.
When people get together and stand strong as a group, it’s always motivating. This is why we are passionate about spreading the message that in difficult times, we must stand together. We’re all different, but our hearts are connected.

Christmas instils joy in everyone, a wonderful event complete with glistening decorations, Snacks, and other activities.

Best Wishes to our Colleagues, Clients and Customers