Country House Residance

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Provided with utmost discretion, services are just part of everyday living at CountryHouse. CountryHouse was designed by memory loss experts to look and feel like a family home. Because the surroundings are so familiar and non-institutional, service delivery is built into the natural function of the household.


Services include 24-hour care, daily home-cooked meals and mealtime assistance, medication supervision, help with bathing, dressing and hair care, housekeeping, laundry and transportation. Nurses are on-site every day, plus doctors, podiatrists, beauticians and other affiliated professionals make regular visits.


We honor a person’s life by telling his or her story. Alzheimer’s disease gradually robs people of the memories that remind them of who they are, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done. By gathering and preserving memories, we can bring important events and experiences from the past into the present. We can be the link to each one’s life history. Stories help affirm all the positive things a person has done in life and can still do. They remind us of who the individual was before Alzheimer’s disease.

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