Multivendor Marketplace Development

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Selling digital not only aids in the development of a massive value proposition, but it also enables retailers or suppliers to maintain a continuous relationship with their customers in order to provide them with a seamless buying experience from any location, which includes different platforms.

Transform your brick-and-mortar store into a B2C online store with Vision Infotech’s eCommerce multi-vendor solution. We even provide custom-tailored eCommerce marketplace solutions to fit any budget or business requirement.

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    What We Are Known For

    Vision Infotech is known for the following:

    Mobile Expertise

    You can expect our custom-developed software to be fully compatible with Android and iOS.

    Multivendor Marketplace Development Solutions

    Review and Ratings

    Our team developers help you build a fully equipped eCommerce platform that solves all of your e-commerce business problems and also binds your customers by creating a transparent platform to share their product reviews and ratings.

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    Manage Vendor Store

    Our team assists online merchants in easily opening an online store where multiple vendors sell their products and services. So that they can easily sell, manage their reviews, and update commission anytime.

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    Vendor Commission Management

    Our team can assist you in establishing percentage-based or fixed commission rules for the products. The total commission on each sale is calculated after tax rules are applied.

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    Manage Withdrawal Requests

    Our team will assist you in activating manual vendor withdrawal requests in the store admin panel so that you can receive the requests, complete the transaction, and manually mark the request as paid.

    Vendor Payout

    We help you in maximizing the financial control of your multi-vendor marketplace software by processing custom reports filtered by vendor names, dates, or order status and automatically calculating all orders that include a vendor product.

    Payment Methods

    Our solution provides you with a comprehensive multi-vendor marketplace platform database to help you calculate and receive vendor payments. You can also view detailed information about vendor transactions, invoices, and pending orders as a store administrator.

    Industries We Serve

    Our software development team holds the best industry experience along with strong technical expertise. Vision Infotech serves four industries – Insurance, Retail & Commerce, Diamond, and Logistics.

    Our platform is typically used by businesses to increase sales and marketing productivity. We help you in integrating your existing insurance management system with risk management, policy & claims, and quoting solutions.

    Retail & eCommerce

    Through comprehensive software designed to streamline processes for merchandise, promotions management, and so on, our multivendor marketplace solutions help companies in optimizing their order management and commercial operations.


    Our multivendor logistics marketplace assists in the development, integration, and customization of software that can handle every aspect of your supply chain management, from manufacturing, order processing to distribution.


    With our multivendor marketplace development expertise, you can expect customized ERP solutions to manage your manufacturing, sales, and purchase processes. We help you grow your business with our experience.