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Ultimate Guide of Hiring a WooCommerce Developer

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Several businesses have shifted to online platforms like eCommerce stores ever since the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Some of these eCommerce stores have become popular. One of them is WooCommerce. 

​WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, and it’s still growing. You’ll need a store developer to sell products or services in your WooCommerce store; you’ll need a store developer. It’s challenging to find the most suitable WooCommerce developer among scores of options. When you use the right techniques and tools, so here’s the definitive guide to hiring the best WooCommerce developer.

This blog will give you everything you need to know if you want to hire a WooCommerce developer.

What Is A WooCommerce Developer?

A WooCommerce developer is an expert who has good knowledge about the WooCommerce platform. This person can customize the eCommerce store using third-party plugins or custom codes. Usually, the WooCommerce developer serves the following functions: 


  • Customizing the WooCommerce store according to the business or customer requirements. 
  • Providing technical support for the existing store.
  • Creating new plugins for the store and collaborating with other developers in the team.

WooCommerce developers should be skilled in the following programming languages: HTML5/XHTML, XML, AJAX, JavaScript/jQuery, and CSS3.

They should have extensive experience developing custom WooCommerce themes, including complete UX features, sophisticated layouts, and plugins that require theme customization. They should also understand the website’s aesthetics in general, such as screen elements, fonts, colors, etc.

Also, it’s essential to make sure the WooCommerce developer is always up to date with industry trends to ensure your product remains relevant. When hiring a WooCommerce developer, ensure they have the necessary experience in creating and implementing an overall architecture for your website.

Why Would You Need To Hire A WooCommerce Developer?

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform with hundreds of thousands of active store owners using it to power their online stores. The platform has been around for quite a few years.

Many store owners who have no technical knowledge of coding and design often hire WooCommerce developers to help them build a store.

It is not only about the design or content on your site and the functionality and overall experience. In such a case, if you don’t want to do it on your own, you can always hire a WooCommerce developer to do it for you. This way, they’re able to create an online store without having to pay a lot of money or learn a new skill. 

For example, if you already know the tips and tricks of WooCommerce but don’t have the time to design and develop your website, then it is better to outsource the work to someone with the required expertise.

But you have to be careful. This person carries a lot of websites and personal information about you or your customers and clients.

Not sure what to look for in a WooCommerce developer? Let’s get into that.

What To Look For In A WooCommerce Developer?

Choosing the right developer is a crucial step. You can have the best idea and the most money in the world, but without a good developer, your project will fail. Finding someone familiar with WooCommerce, specifically, is even more difficult. To make sure you find a skilled WooCommerce developer who has worked on sites similar to yours. Here are a few things to look for in a WooCommerce developer.

  • Experience: This is an essential factor to consider when hiring a WooCommerce developer. You should look for someone who has experience working with both e-commerce and WordPress and has built sites similar to yours before.


  • Portfolio: Looking at the portfolio, you can get more information about the developer’s work and the areas in which he was active. You can hire a WooCommerce developer to work with your style, or you can get an idea of ​​their style by looking at the developers’ portfolios.


  • Communication: Communication is critical to completing a project, whether hiring a freelancer or an agency. Also, make sure that they can quickly solve problems in an emergency.


  • Understanding of themes and plugins: For a WooCommerce store to function correctly, a website must have the necessary plugins and essential technologies. They should be familiar with theme design, customization, and plugins related to WordPress security.


  • SEO Expertise: Technical SEO methods like image optimization, adding alt tags, meta tags, loading speed, and much more should be considered. Make sure your developer has an understanding of these critical things.


  • Backend: The developer needs to create a user-friendly backend so that you can manage your online store after development. Make sure the developer has hands-on backend experience. This allows the administrator to make the necessary changes seamlessly.

We hope that the above points have answered some of your questions and cleared your doubts. By following these guidelines, you can easily choose the WooCommerce developers that best suit your business needs and budget. Apart from this, building a series of questions will also help you find suitable WooCommerce developers.

Which Is The Best Way To Hire A WooCommerce Developer – Freelancer vs Agency vs Ecommerce Specialists

Freelancers are contract workers who work through third-party contracts and platforms for your e-commerce site. These specialists have different levels of experience depending on their background. It can be an excellent idea to let someone else manage the time-consuming aspects of your project that you don’t want to do on your own. Freelancers can be a great way to help you with simple project updates. They come in handy when you need an extra pair of hands for minor changes.


  • Freelancers can be an excellent option for minor changes and updates. 
  • Freelancers can be helpful when it comes to immediate tasks.
  • Freelance can be a much cheaper option as you can choose from millions of global developers at your preferred payment plan.


  • Freelancers do not have a good reputation in the organization.
  • Freelancers need more time to complete the task.
  • Sometimes, freelancers may fail to adhere to legal guidelines during the development process.
  • Freelancers won’t have any backup plans to support you in the event of a problem.

Agencies are companies focused on WooCommerce development, integration, and support & maintenance. These agencies with qualified staff support the customers handling the full range of WooCommerce tasks and activities. Moreover, these WooCommerce agencies have a global customer base and cover various usage scenarios.


  • WooCommerce agencies will have extensive development and hands-on experience in various projects.
  • The agencies have a diverse team of experienced professionals and vital skills that increase the creative potential of your websites.
  • WooCommerce agencies can help you customize themes to suit your needs.
  • WooCommerce agencies follow comprehensive global guidelines that ensure that every aspect of the site is working correctly.
  • WooCommerce agencies can also offer you a much faster conversion.
  • Notably, leading WooCommerce agencies have certified developers.



  • While effective, WooCommerce agencies can often charge higher fees than freelancers due to their effectiveness and knowledge of the platform.
  • Leading WooCommerce agencies often work on large projects and integrations, resulting in limited access to updates and small tasks.
  • WooCommerce agencies follow a strict schedule and budget. If you want to get things done quickly, these tables may not be the choice for you.
Ecommerce Specialists

Ecommerce specialists offer expertise in one platform like WooCommerce or multiple platforms like Shopify or Magento. The main difference lies in the knowledge and skills in eCommerce and the requirements that result from it.

This may imply developing their business faster and possibly at a lower cost than more experienced development agencies. WooCommerce specialists usually have a broad understanding of the different shop sizes and their small and large requirements.


  • Experienced specialists with a very professional approach in e-commerce development
  • In-depth knowledge to complete development in a short span of time.
  • Instead of a single developer, it’s usually a team approach.
  • They can assist even after the development.



  • This can be more expensive than other hiring models.
  • It may not be suitable for small one-time projects requiring ongoing technical support.


As you saw, there are many ways to hire a WooCommerce developer. We encourage you to consider your budget, the complexity of your needs, and the importance of your business.


Is it too complicated for your business to figure out data security? Always look at previous work reviews, and if you’re not sure how intricate the job is, choose a fixed price instead of an hourly service.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A WooCommerce Developer?

A seasoned WooCommerce developer can ask for more, but they work faster, have more specialized areas, and offer higher quality work. But, a contractor who is still building a customer base can charge less for WooCommerce developer services.


If you are working directly with a freelancer and not through a third-party marketer, make sure to sign a contract that includes clearly stated payment T&C completely understood and agreed mutually.


Top Websites To Look For WooCommerce Developers 

If you are looking for an escapade from the hassles of posting advertisements instead want to hire an agency instead, then below are the few names you might want to consider:


  1. Codeable

Codeable is an online marketplace where customers can find and hire professional developers. You will find freelancers, business owners, and large agencies on this platform for all WooCommerce related work like development, administration, debugging, etc. One can develop on a project basis. Once you know the basics, you’re ready to start a project in Codeable.

They only hire the best people. Every developer who wants to work as a freelancer has to pass a placement test.

The average hourly rate for freelancers at Codeable is $70-120.


2. Toptal

Toptal is a great place to find seasoned WooCommerce developers. This platform claims to have the best developers in the world.


You can hire a WooCommerce developer at Toptal for new or existing projects. While it houses experts from other industries like design, finance, and marketing, it’s the developer of its vertical platform. If this job requires deep technical knowledge and exceptional skills, Toptal will likely provide you with the best candidates. 

The average hourly rates for WooCommerce developers range from $60 to $210.


3. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance development platform with over 12 million specialists worldwide working in various industries. Companies and customers select developers based on their hourly rates, skills, experience, and expertise. Before working with freelancers, check their portfolios to ensure you have hired the right person for the position.


Once you’ve found the right developer, you may inquire about their hourly rates. If you consider a developer, make sure you go through the feedback on their previous assignments reviewed by others. 


WooCommerce developers typically charge between $20 and $100 an hour.

4. Wooassist

Wooassist is a WooCommerce support company that focuses on maintaining, supporting, and developing your WooCommerce store. They are also responsible for updating themes and plugins. 


The average price ranges from $129 (4 hours) to $435 (20 hours).

5. is a platform dedicated to remotely hiring a WooCommerce developer. This company made working with third-party developers a lot easier. One may hire developers on an hourly basis here as well.

Arc has hired a good team of experienced developers as the platform. Each person must pass a test based on technical and behavioral assessments at the Silicon Valley level to register on the site. Arc smoothly handles all payroll, fringe benefits, and compliance.

At Arc, you typically pay between $60 and $100 an hour to hire a WooCommerce developer.


Hiring The Right WooCommerce Developer Can Be Easy

When it comes to eCommerce business, the success is determined by the success of your WooCommerce store. If you have a poor WooCommerce store, your business will surely fail. You need to hire the best WooCommerce developer to make your store successful. 

When it comes to selecting a WooCommerce developer, then you need to follow some essential steps. Here in this blog, we will mention some critical steps to follow while choosing a WooCommerce developer.


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