Picnic Day 2022

We work hard. But we party harder! Yes, we are one big family and we believe in creating memories for life and celebrating them to the fullest.

Our Activity

You can’t DO A GOOD JOB if the JOB is All you do! A little break and relaxation is must especially after the COVID situation!
On 26th February our Team went on a much-awaited trip. The trip served as the perfect retreat for the team to rejuvenate and to create stronger bonds. 
We were not only travelling together but also we were creating bunch of memories, team bonding, balancing our work life and understanding the value of togetherness.
We are one as a Team, Family and hopefully will always be. Our Unity is Our True Strength as we are nothing otherwise.
Thank you team for creating such awesome moments that would last forever!
Here are some glimpses of the happy days!!